Eclipse gym

If you’re a martial artist living anywhere near Wolverhampton, I highly recommend you join the Eclipse gym in the town centre on Tempest Street (WV2 1AA).

They have a large space with modern facilities and friendly staff, and offer a fantastic combination of Boxing, Kickboxing and BJJ.

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Wolverhampton (old site)

Wolverhampton residents and commuters will be pleased to know that there’s plenty of opportunities to practise martial arts locally, without needing to travel as far as Birmingham which of course would yield far more opportunities.

Jeet Kune Do

Darren Langston, Wolverhampton

Darren Langston runs Jeet Kune Do (JKD) classes in Wolverhampton, from his club called the Langston Martial Arts Academy. This is a great opportunity for you to train in methods Bruce Lee favoured, and open your mind to new concepts if you’re a traditional martial artist trying to break free from classical routines.

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Tai Chi

Nicola Day, Wolverhampton

There are a few Tai Chi classes in Wolverhampton for the more reserved individual looking to exercise and learn a graceful yet potentially powerful style of Chinese Kung Fu rich with health benefits. Tai Chi classes are operated in Wolverhampton courtesy of Nicola Day and Diane Brindley who both represent the Deyin Taijiquan Institute which teaches Yang style to beginners and Sun style to advanced practitioners.

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Mac Abbotts, Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton’s Judo practitioners are in luck as there’s a highly reputable local club – one of the best in the country – run by Mac Abbotts and Dave Brooks, both ranked 6th Dan, aptly named Wolverhampton Judo Club. There’s no need to travel to Birmingham to practise Judo when you’ve got clubs like this on your doorstep in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton!

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Kad Khan, Wolverhampton

Kad Khan runs a boxing club in Wolverhampton called the Merridale Boxing Club – a great place for amateur boxers and hobbyists to practice the sport of western boxing, refining their punches, footwork and stamina on heavy bags, with sparring and all the expected boxing gym equipment. There is also a Wolverhampton Boxing Club and a Wolverhampton Amateur Boxing club, so whether you’re a professional boxer, an amateur or just looking to keep fit, Wolverhampton has a boxing gym for you.

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