Brighton is a fairly large and very multicultural city, famous for its openness, friendliness and flourishing artistic & creative scenes. With this in mind, as you might expect it, there are plenty of different styles of martial arts classes to choose from in the local area. Below you’ll find our pick of these classes.

Tai Chi

Brighton Tai Chi teacher Ian Kendall Brighton has a richly diverse range of Tai Chi classes throughout the city and surrounding suburbs and nearby towns. We’ve identified over half a dozen tai chi teachers running classes in the Brighton area, many of whom run multiple classes at different local venues. For more information about your options in practising Tai Chi in Brighton, visit our dedicated page on the topic.

Wing Chun

Brighton Wing Chun teacher Alberto Kavadellas Brighton & Hove boasts a diverse range of Wing Chun clubs too. Some are lighthearted, some are serious, some are traditional, and some are hyper-modern. Browse our guide to Wing Chun in Brighton and see if you can’t find a great class near you to help you learn this powerful martial arts system in a way that suits your personal training preferences and goals!