As the UK’s joint second largest city, Birmingham is abundant with opportunities for martial artists to train in the styles they love and to learn new arts whenever the urge strikes.

Wing Chun

Shaun Rawcliffe, Birmingham Birmingham has loads of Wing Chun classes to choose from. From Shaun Rawcliffe’s Midlands Wing Chun Kuen (MWCK) association which has classes in Hall Green (south Birmingham) and Solihull (even further south), plus Umar Chaudhury’s intensive classes in Digbeth and a range of other branches around Birmingham led by Shaun Rawcliffe’s various teaching assistant; to Abid Mahmood’s classes in the Jewellery Quarter (northwest central Birmingham); there’s tons of Wing Chun classes to choose from in the Greater Birmingham area as well as surrounding suburbs.

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Jeet Kune Do

Nigel Tropman, Birmingham Invented by the late Bruce Lee, learning Jeet Kune Do (JKD) these days is far from the same experience as being tutored by Bruce himself, but it can still be an eye opener as many of his favourite drills, tactics and philosophies have been passed down from teacher to teacher can be practised in Birmingham today courtesy of Nigel Tropman and John Hennessy, both of whom run their own Jeet Kune Do clubs in Brum.

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Tai Chi

Charlie Cheung, Birmingham Birmingham is loaded with Tai Chi classes – everything from Yang to Wu to Wudang style. There’s beginners classes, advanced classes, forms and qigong, push hands and combat applications. There’s many Chinese teachers and British teachers too. All corners of the city are covered, so why not try a few classes near you and see which one you prefer?

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