Tai Chi in Birmingham

There are tons of Tai Chi classes in Birmingham so whichever part of the city you’re in you’ll probably be able to find something on your doorstep (or a short walk away from your home or workplace). How convenient!

Charlie Cheung – Practical Tai Chi Chuan International

Charlie Cheung, Birmingham Charlie Cheung is a Birmingham based Wudang style Tai Chi teacher – he has been practising Tai Chi for the last 30 years and teaching for the last 20 years. He runs a Tai Chi club with classes on Tuesday evenings (for all levels) and Saturdays (for advanced students only), in the Oldbury area of Greater Birmingham. Charlie is a student of Dan Docherty and teaches the comprehensive syllabus of Dan Docherty’s Practical Tai Chi Chuan International (PTCCI) school which comprises forms, applications, push hands, qi gong, nei gong and related exercises.

Website: birminghamwudangtaichichuan.com

Location: Elena’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Wellington Street, Oldbury, B69 4HP.