Which Martial Art is Best?

For what purpose? In order to recommend a martial art, I really need to know what is your goal. Ideally I’d also know a bit about you, like what your training background is, and what your strengths & weaknesses are, as well as what specific club you’re thinking of joining because every martial art has better and worse teachers. But if I know nothing about you or your teacher – only your general status & goal – here’s what I’d recommend…


How is Self Defence so different to Sport Combat?

The goal is different

  • In the streets, pacifying the attacker is the goal – aiming for maximum peace – this means it’s ok to step back a lot, making good use of space and deflections in an attempt to dishearten the attacker, using Aikido footwork and deflections for example.

Why learn a range of martial arts instead of just mastering one?

Ideally you’ll practise a range of martial arts that are all highly effective and inter-complementary yet focusing on different things.

For example, Wing Chun Kung Fu is focused on parrying and counter-striking techniques – it’s probably the best martial art in the world for dealing with someone trying to punch you in the face, by blocking and punching them instead.

But if you want more dynamic movement, to have more options and to deal with a wider variety of situations, including some less serious situations and some more serious situations, you will need to delve into other arts too.


What martial art should I learn?

The answer to the question ‘What martial art should I learn?‘ depends on who is asking, and what are their reasons for wanting to learn a martial art.

So let’s assume you’re an average Joe who mainly just wants to learn effective empty-handed combat.


Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Yes, boxing is a martial art.

Modern standard western boxing has limitations, for example, rules dictate that you can’t grapple, or strike with anything but the fists, you must wear well padded gloves, and you must fight from a standing-up position; however, the skills that boxing does focus on are integral to any strike-style martial art like Karate or Kung Fu for example.

Some martial arts focus on striking (like Karate) while others focus on grappling (like Judo). Western Boxing is one that focusses specifically on striking, more specifically on striking with the fists, but this hyper-niche focus by no means stops it from being a martial art.


Is it easy to learn Tai Chi at home?

You may have recently bought a DVD or started watching a YouTube channel with the aim of learning Tai Chi at home. Now you’re wondering, is it even possible to get good at tai chi from home, without attending a class? The answer is yes, to a certain level – you could call it a vanity level – and then to progress further you really need to practise Tui Shou (Push Hands) with a partner.