Wing Chun Kung Fu in Stafford

Mike Gorton – Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club

Mike Gorton, Stafford There is a Wing Chun Kung Fu club, aptly named the Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club, headed by Sifu Mike Gorton, based at the Elite 2000 Fitness Centre on St Patricks Street, just north of Stafford town centre. Their style of Wing Chun is on the measured aggressive side, inheriting techniques from Wong Shun Leung and Leung Ting lineages. Expect a mix of soft and rigid moves and lots of feisty drills during day-to-day training. For more information about Sifu Mike Gorton’s classes on St Patricks Street (north central Stafford) visit the Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club website.


Location: Elite 2000 Fitness Centre, St Patricks Street, Stafford, ST16 3LX.

Further Afield – Walsall

Chris Raybould – Staffordshire Wing Chun Kuen

Chris Raybould, Bloxwich, Walsall If you’d like to travel a bit further for a different type of Wing Chun, you could consider Sifu Chris Raybould who runs a branch of Shaun Rawcliffe’s Midlands Wing Chun Kuen school in Bloxwich, near Walsall and Wolverhampton. It’s a double-barrelled train journey from Stafford via Wolverhampton, or a half hour drive or taxi ride straight down the M6 which simplifies things but could be pricey if you’re travelling by taxi. Chris is a student of Shaun Rawcliffe who himself is a student of Yip Chun – elder son of Yip Man.


Location: Sneyd Community Association, Vernon Way, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 2PA

Further Afield – Birmingham

Abid Mahmood – Midlands Wing Chun School

Abid Mahmood, Birmingham If travelling to Birmingham by train, you may like to join the Midlands Wing Chun School / Academy, run by Master Abid Mahmood, as it’s quite centrally located in the Jewellery Quarter (20-25 mins walk due north from Birmingham New Street station). Abid is a student of James Sinclair who himself studied under Yip Chun.


Location: 64 Northampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6DX

Umar Choudhury – Midlands Wing Chun Kuen ‘Intensive’

Umar Choudhury, Birmingham About half an hour’s walk due south from Birmingham New Street and you’ll find Sifu Umar Choudhury’s branch of Shaun Rawcliffe’s Midlands Wing Chun Kuen. Umar began his martial arts training with 5 years of Shaolin, then was recommended by his Shaolin teacher to continue his development by training in Wing Chun with Shaun Rawcliffe. Umar is one of Shaun Rawcliffe’s most senior students, having assisted him with teaching in Hall Green and Solihull for many years. Umar has fast hands and a high level of natural ability while staying faithful to Shaun Rawcliffe’s school & system at the same time. Sifu Umar Choudhury continues to train in these locations while also now offering his own intensive classes in the Digbeth area, ideal for people based at the north end of Stratford Road or otherwise near the south side of Birmingham city centre.


Location: 60 B, Stratford Road, Birmingham, B11 1AN

Ish Shah – The School Of Wing Chun Kuen

Ish Shah, Birmingham A little more than half an hour’s walk due south from Birmingham New Street and you’ll find The School Of Wing Chun Kuen, which stems from Michael Tse lineage.


Location: Concord Centre, Claremont Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, West Midlands, B11 1LF

Shaun Rawcliffe – Midlands Wing Chun Kuen

Shaun Rawcliffe, Birmingham If you’re willing to go a bit deeper into the southern suburbs, you’ll find Shaun Rawcliffe’s Midlands Wing Chun Kuen based in Hall Green and Solihull which has quite a reputation. Shaun Rawcliffe studied for many years directly under Yip Chun. Shaun was a bodyguard for Jackie Chan and has extensive experience in the security industry. He always has a good story to tell. Plenty of other teachers around the UK like to talk about Shaun behind his back, both good things and bad, which overall must be to his credit as he just does his own thing and his classes stay busy and his association is widespread.


Location: 1st Hall Green Scout Hall, Highfield Road, Hall Green, B28 0BY