Tai Chi in Stafford

Unfortunately, there’s no Tai Chi in Stafford! But if you’re willing to travel to Cannock or Wolverhampton, a few options become available, and in Birmingham there’s a lot more options still.

Further Afield – Cannock

Alan Smewing – Lively Tiger Chen Tai Chi School

Alan Smewing, Cannock It’s a bit far out but if you’re local to Cannock or are willing to travel there, it’s not far from Cannock train station. As the name suggests, the Lively Tiger Chen Tai Chi School focusses on Chen-family Tai Ji Quan which is the original, dynamic style of tai chi dating back to before the more simplified Yang style came about. Classes at the Lively Tiger school are led by Shifu Alan Smewing who is a student of Shifu Garry Seghers (who ran this club until he retired in 2016) who in turn is a student of Liming Yue (who runs a school in central Manchester) who in turn is a student of Chen Zhenglei (global leader of Chen family Tai Chi).

Website: www.livelytigertaichi.co.uk

Location: Avon Business & Leisure Centre, Avon Road, Cannock, WS11 1LH

Further Afield – Wolverhampton

Nicola Day – Deyin Taijiquan Institute

Nicola Day, Wolverhampton Nicola Day runs a number of classes in the Wolverhampton and Walsall areas. She is a student of Faye Yip (and husband Tary Yip) who is the daughter of Li Deyin, and represents the Deyin Taijiquan Institute by teaching Yang style tai chi to beginners and Sun style to advanced students.

Website: www.holisticday.co.uk

Location: The Polish Club, 265 Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 6DQ

Diane Brindley – Deyin Taijiquan Institute

Diane Brindley, Wolverhampton Diane Brindley runs a Saturday morning classes in the Wolverhampton at the Patshull Park Country Club. She is a student of Faye and Tary Yip and a representative of the Deyin institute, teaching Yang and Sun style tai chi.

Website: www.deyin-taiji.com/instructorinfo/instructor_information.php?nad=174

Location: Patshull Park Country Club, Patshull Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 7HR