Eclipse gym – BJJ, Boxing & Kickboxing in Wolverhampton

If you’re a martial artist living anywhere near Wolverhampton, I highly recommend you join the Eclipse gym in the town centre on Tempest Street (WV2 1AA).

They have a large space with modern facilities and friendly staff, and offer a fantastic combination of Boxing, Kickboxing and BJJ.

The owner & head coach Fran Zuccala is a former kickboxing champion and was a BJJ brown belt (last time I checked) and certified instructor directly under Ryron & Rener Gracie. His BJJ students benefit from following the Gracie University syllabus backed by plenty of online video tutorials.

I did a few classes with them prior to the 2020 lockdowns and was impressed with the general experience. If I were still living in or near to Wolverhampton I would be looking at training there again. The gym is a short walk from Wolverhampton train station, and the train trip is quick & cheap from nearby town centres.

Don’t ask me how they manage to pay the rent on that large, centrally located building, since running a martial arts club with fair fees is not a lucrative business. I guess they must have invested their own hard-earned funds from elsewhere, towards establishing a lifestyle business that they really enjoy, and I can only admire what they’re done – it’s not far off a dream I used to have – I hope it lasts.

If you do Kung Fu

They’re especially recommended if you have a Kung Fu background like me, since their martial arts systems are not only very complementary to each other, but they’ll be complementary to your Kung Fu too. You’ll work plenty on your fitness while practising things you’re generally familiar with as well as learning plenty of entirely new skills.

You may also enjoy how your different background helps you to flourish in certain ways that your training partners will be unfamiliar with – strong Chi Sau & Tui Shou skills are incredibly effective at helping you ‘pass the guard’ and avoid being controlled by masters of Judo & BJJ – it even still works when you’re laying on your back being mounted for ground & pound, to the surprise of your training partners, but don’t get complacent – don’t let this success affect your Kung Fu strategy of standing up ASAP in the streets.

Contact details


Location: Eclipse gym, Tempest Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 1AA.

Phone: 01902 428600


IG: @eclipse_kick_box_gjj