Wing Chun

I teach Wing Chun empty handed fundamentals.

Wing Chun is easily the best style of kung fu for learning practical blocking and counter-striking skills for one-on-one empty-handed combat.

There’s an argument to say Tai Chi or JKD are better for this, but I’m talking about the skills acquired by the average student, not the uppermost percentile.

Personally, I believe Wing Chun is the best mainstream martial art for practical self defence altogether.

There’s an argument to say that could be Judo or Boxing, and I recommend you learn these too, but they have massive limitations where Wing Chun does not.

Wing Chun is simple, it’s quick to learn, and it focuses on the most important aspects of empty-handed one-to-one combat.

This is the base style I’ll be teaching on this course. Most of the core techniques I teach here are commonly taught in Wing Chun schools around the world today, albeit often slightly differently because they’re not so concerned with Wu Wei, Tai Chi and JKD principles as we will be on this course.

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is the best martial art for quickly learning how to block punches effectively.

We also throw punches. This gives us the ability to be more assertive; but throwing punches is also vital for defence, because you can’t stand there all day blocking punches perfectly – you’re going to get hit eventually if you don’t fire back, unless they back down after you’ve blocked the odd shot, which sometimes happens, just don’t depend on it.

There are basic ways and advanced ways to throw punches in wing chun. Basic wing chun punches are linear chain punches – this can get you out of a sticky situation, but it’s usually overkill, exhausting, and relatively ignorant of what’s coming back at you.

Advanced punching is counter punching. It varies based on what move you’re dealing with in the moment. We can still chain these advanced punches together, to create powerful bareknuckle boxing combinations that flow smoothly and adapt to the situation spontaneously.

Wing Chun also helps you to deal with wrestlers, although this is more the domain of Tai Chi.

So now that we understand Wing Chun is mainly about blocking punches, and countering if needs be, then overwhelming the opponent if we really have to… Let’s take a look at the different ways to do this…