What equipment will you need?

Technically you don’t need any equipment to follow this course – just an internet connection. But it will be very beneficial to your training if you can get hold of the following equipment.

  • A punch bag – ideally a Heavy Bag. Ideally set to imitate head and torso – capable of being punched at head height and kicked upwards at groin height (beware of attachment points on the underside of many bags). Water is the recommended filling. A cheaper alternative could be a Wall Bag filled with sand or sawdust.
  • Simple unpadded Leather Gloves will be good for protecting your skin when using the punch bag. Being unpadded, they will have a close-to-bareknuckle feel and won’t hinder your movement so much as heavily padded gloves would.
  • Wooden Dummy – Wing Chun style. It should have two high arms crossed over, roughly level with your chest; one low arm roughly level with your naval; and one leg with a bend at roughly knee height. Ideally set on a wooden frame attached to a wall, so it can absorb energy very well.
  • A human Training Partner – ideally they will be of a similar height to yourself, or taller. But if you’re very tall, then your attacker is likely to be shorter than you, so it’s equally worthwhile training with someone shorter than you.