The Specialist (1994) – Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone

Not a bad movie, starring Sylvester Stallone a CIA explosives expert turned mercenary for hire on the free market, and Sharon Stone as the woman who hires him. They both put on fine performances as expected, although the plot is a bit thin and steamy. Supporting actors include James Woods and Eric Roberts who both do decent jobs as the two main bad guys in this movie, both reporting to the mafia boss played by Rod Steiger who does an average job with a terribly fake sounding accent.

The movie’s mood is slow but captivating, and the action is intermittent but of a fairly high standard – overall it kind of works. With grand musical effects it has vibes of an old Bond movie just without the fancy plot – this one’s very one-dimensional but still an enjoyable watch if you’re not too busy and haven’t seen this movie in the last decade or so.