The Golden Child (1986) – Eddie Murphy

7/10 — A light-hearted 80s action comedy sci-fi with an oriental martial arts twist. Starring Eddie Murphy as the finder of missing children who is allegedly ‘the chosen one’ prophesised to find and rescue The Golden Child, a young Tibetan monk with magical powers who is destined to save the world but has been kidnapped by demons.

Mildly entertaining – nothing particularly wrong with it. It’s a bit nonchalant with the plot but Eddie does a decent job in the lead role, and the main supporting actors are not bad either. Namely Charlotte Lewis as the lead female – a Tibetan woman with martial arts skills and special powers who locates Eddie’s character near the start of the movie; Victor Wong as the mysterious beggar, and leader of the monks, and father of Charlotte’s character; plus Charles Dance who plays the main antagonist – a demon with special powers who can take human form; and actress J L Reate who plays The Golden Child.