The Foreigner (2017) – Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan

Thoroughly entertaining – one of Jackie’s slightly more gritty performances but great action for his usual fanbase just with the omission of the usual comedic edge. The only letdown is the strong vibe of modern imperialist propaganda that this movie stinks of. Still Jackie holds it down very well so it doesn’t upset the movie too much. Very strong performance by Pierce Brosnan too, as an Irish politician and former IRA leader who has to defend his farm-come-castle from an angry elderly chinaman who happens to be ex special forces – a role played flawlessly by Jackie Chan with the help of a great all-round movie production. Slightly minimal on plot beside the core story – hardly as much twists as The Matrix – but that’s fine, it focuses on one theme, a slowly developing scenario and does it very well.

We’ve previously seen how fantastic a movie can be when a top martial artist teams up with James Bond, as happened when Van Damme teamed up with Roger Moore in The Quest (1996). The Foreigner is no exception to this trend – Jackie Chan makes a great team with Pierce Brosnan here, and this time they are adversaries.

Martial arts wise, there’s a good amount of combat but this movie is more about the story. Action wise, it’s not James Bond, but it’s got a good amount of action throughout. Script wise, it’s a simple story, well executed. Cast wise, there are several strong characters in this movie.