The Quest (1996) – Jean-Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore

8.5/10 – Action packed, borderline slapstick adventure, all about (empty handed) martial arts. Based around the idea of Bloodsport where a tournament decides who is the best fighter from all corners of the world, and has endless similarities with Bloodsport in terms of techniques and fighting styles, but with an added injection of great story and strong acting thanks to Roger Moore’s ever-excellent presence, albeit probably on a far lower budget than Bloodsport but the strong lead cast of The Quest makes it a convincing, enjoyable movie (just a little bit boring in the over-dragged-out final fight scene at the end).

If you enjoyed seeing a top martial arts action hero like Van Damme teaming up with a legend from James Bond like Roger Moore, you may also be interested in The Foreigner (2017) which sees Jackie Chan teaming up with Pierce Brosnan in what’s arguably the best performance of both their careers.