Masters Of The Universe (1987) – Dolph Lundgren

6/10 — Following the very popular cartoon series of the 80s, this action-packed movie sees Dolph Lundgren impersonate the legendary cartoon hero He-Man as he battles Skeletor and his minions, with the help of a few friends from his own world (Eternia) and from Earth after he opens a portal to Earth and has some funny interactions with the local police.

Masters Of The Universe is a light-hearted slightly childish action movie that still manages to mildly entertain a grown up action movie junkie four decades after its release. Especially watchable for those who grew up on He-Man cartoons, although it is somewhat underwhelming. Dolph puts in a bland but credible performance as He-Man. Frank Langella (with a mask) does a decent job as Skeletor. Courtney Cox is among the supporting cast members (she turned 23 just before this movie was released – this was 7 years before the Friends series began in 1994).