The Chase (1994) – Charlie Sheen

This is not a non-plot movie, but it’s pretty much the next simplest thing. The plot of this action comedy could hardly be more one-dimensional if it tried. From start to finish, it’s a single car chase. Not much happens during this chase, except the gradual falling in love, between the wrongly accused bank robber turned car thief and kidnapper (played excellently by Charlie Sheen) and the bratty car owner and kidnap victim (played quite well by Kristy Swanson). Strong supporting actors include Henry Rollins who plays an enthusiastic cop on their tail, and Rocky Carroll who plays a helicopter based camera-holding journalist on their tail. Incredibly, due to the excellent script detail, even though the skeleton of the plot could not be more simple, and due to the outstanding acting by Charlie Sheen and some of his supporting cast members, this movie is actually constantly entertaining from start to finish – a good watch if you haven’t seen it before, or in the last decade or so, but definitely one to miss if you’ve seen it within the last few years since it offers minimal value to frequent rewatchers.

There’s not really any martial arts in this movie except the odd gun-oriented standoff, and the odd whiff of car-based escape strategy, but it appeals fair enough to action junkies who haven’t seen it before or in a long time.