Ninja (2009) – Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins has made many strong contributions to the English language martial arts movie industry, and Ninja (2009) is easily one of his best. This movie sees the main character grow up in a Ninja school in Japan, competing with his ninja brother to inherit the position of Soke (master) of the school. Upon being disrespectful and outcast by the current master, the main antagonist then kills the current master and everyone found in the school that night, while hunting down the old master’s daughter who fled to America with the movie’s main hero to hide and protect the sacred armour & weapons that have been kept by the school for hundreds of years. American police obviously get involved, as does an organised crime syndicate, but they aren’t able to do much against the talented ninjas. With a likeable lead man and woman, and credible moves, equipment, bad guys and cops, this movie is just one level shy of the best action hero movies ever made, in my opinion.

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Don’t miss Scott’s podcast series called The Art Of Action on his own YouTube channel, where he’s done some phenomenal interviews with superstars like Keanu Reeves and Steven Seagal, as well as lesser known legends like Kurt McKinney from No Retreat, No Surrender. Since he’s essentially one of them, Scott commands more respect than the average interviewer and is able to extract some incredible stories and information never heard before.