Kickboxer (1989) – Jean-Claude Van Damme

8.5/10 – This is one of Van Damme’s best movies after Bloodsport. Kickboxer was released just one year after Bloodsport and you’ll spot a few resemblances in the training methods and fighting techniques used in this movie. Good storyline and good training scenes – really captures the imagination and draws you in with the help of great soundtracks too. Dennis Chan Kwok-San also treats us to a strong performance as Van Damme’s trainer in this movie. Kickboxer also has sequels (as it’s a franchise) but they’re not starring Van Damme, with the exception of the sixth instalment and thereafter where he has a supporting role. Generally the sequels are neither similar nor as good as the original – but 6, 7 & 8 are quite star-studded with combat sport celebrities.